Friday, August 2, 2013

Kotta Abdul Khader Musliyar

Kotta Abdul Khader Musliyar ([[Arabic]]: كود عبد القادر مسليار ,[[Malayalam]]: കോട്ട അബ്ദല്‍ ഖാദിര്‍ മുസ്‌ലിയാര്‍) was the prominent Islamic scholar hailing from [[Kasaragod]], district of Indian state [[Kerala]] and an active member of [[Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama]].
Early Life
He was born as the son of Seema Kott Mammdka and Khadeeja in 1939 November 17 at [[Kasaragod]] district. He completed his higher studies from Kumbla high school and later admitted in various darses at Oliyathoor, Padanna, Ichilangod. For further studies, he went to Dayooband and Delhi in early 1965s. He tied knot with Rooqiya, the daughter of Abdul Rahman Musliyar, then quazi of Kumbadaja, a village in [[Kasaragod]].
In the field of service
After completing course from Deband, he served in MIC (Malabar Islamic Complex, Chattangal, [[Kasaragod]]), Shafi Masjid ([[Karnataka]]), Khilar Juma Masjid (Thayalangadi,[[Kasaragod]]) Thuruthi Juma Masjid, Parangipat Juma Masjid, [[Nellikunnu]] Muhyaddin Juma Masjid, Ichilangode Juma Masjid and Ummathur college. His valuable service was extended to the social and religious sector as he risked life and limb for the upheaval of the Muslim society. He occupied the office of joint secretary of [[Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama]], Quazi of [[Mangalore]] (1990-2008), district secretary of Samasth Kannur wing, member of Samasth Vidyabya board, vice president of MIC. He served as the principal of MIC Mutavval College, Umattur Arabic college and played a vital role in establishment of Darul Irshad Academy, affiliated to [[ Darul Huda Islamic University]]. He was notable personality in the astrology and Islamic jurisprudence and was famous for his command in Arabic, English, Urdu, Malayalam, Persian languages.

He breathed his last in September 3, 2008 and buried in Mogral Puthur Kadappuram Juma Masjid

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